Wave of The year


How to Enter

1st Find someone to film you

2nd Get out and Skim

3rd Choose a Category

4th Submit your wave by 

Tagging @thepremierskimboardleague

on Instagram


1. Each wave must be caught from running off of the sand. 

2. When submitting your video you must tag @thepremierskimboardleague in the post and choose the category you want it entered in.

3. Each wave must be filmed within the dates of Jan 1st 2021 - Dec 31 2021

4. No Tow ins, No Paddling in!

5. Top Videos will be posted to @thepremierskiboardleague on instagram and YouTube.

6. The Premier Skimboard League and Sponsors Logos may be added to intro of each video

7. Winners will be chosen the First Weekend of 2022

8. This Contest is free and is open to everyone around the world. The winners will be chosen by 2 judges and fan Vote.

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Wrap of the year

Biggest wave 

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